Whilst  Agfest 2014 is all over if you’ve been thinking of going now is the time to make plans for next year. This year’s difficult experience of finding accommodation shows that it’s time to get organised right now rather than leave it too late and be disappointed. Agfest is usually held in late April/early May each year.

The show can be seen in a day, as I did this year, but that entails anything up to an 8km walk and spending too little time at the various exhibits. The size and wide streets of the site makes the 20,000 visitors that attend daily a breeze as far as getting around is concerned. If you are coming to the North of the State better to stay overnight or even two if you really want to savour it all and Agfest is not the only attraction around Launceston at that time.

Talking about attractions there are more than you could ever list but for sure there is enough for all ages to enjoy for a day or even two. Ancient steam machines and tractors, sparkling new units from small to gargantuan 400 kw tractors and farm machinery to suit it all. Now that may not impress the ladies but then there are the 4 huge sheds of craft and home wares plus a myriad of interesting exhibits covering all aspects of our daily lives and more—insurance, banking, kids amusements, campers and caravans, tools, camping gear, health products, new cars, 4 wheel driving and ring events and that’s only a start! A full list of what you can see is on the Agfest web site together with other helpful information

Don’t worry about bringing food and the like as this is more than covered by traditional items from the good old dagwood dogs, chips and so on to halls of more luxurious and healthy choices and many strategically placed coffee and snack carts. Happily prices are reasonable, as the entry fee and quality great so you are well covered.

Don’t worry either about access or the weather. Whilst traffic does build up, it is super well organised and if you follow directions delays are short and it’s better to relax and motor slowly than  become impatient and do dangerous u-turns against oncoming traffic to find another route which will doubtless be much the same. The site is also well organised so even if it does rain all you need is a brolly and there are plenty of stall holders to welcome you under cover if a shower passes. Whatever the weather make sure your shoes are good for walking, it’s a big site!

Don’t forget to take a carrying bag as you’ll certainly be tempted to buy something. Bear in mind that no exhibitor will want to take stuff home so you can haggle particularly on the last day. I did one year and bought a tractor although it didn’t fit in a bag!

Finally when you park avoid the temptation to walk through the lines of cars to the nearest gate. Instead walk to the end of the line you’re in until you meet an access track which will have your row number marked. It’s much easier than searching later as you’ll see many frustrated souls doing.

The dates for Agfest 2105 are not yet fixed but make a commitment and keep an eye on, make your arrangements and spend time looking forward to a great couple of days with the family. As an annual visitor I know that you won’t be disappointed in this Tasmanian icon of entertainment and information whether you are a serious farmer or just looking for a good traditional family day out.

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