Angling for Success: premium fishing in Tasmania

Angling for success in Tasmania’s premium fishing locations!

Surrounded by ocean and blessed with an extensive network of rivers and lake systems, Tasmania is an angler’s paradise. Whether you seek the thrill of big game fishing, or simply wish to enjoy the tranquility, Tasmania provides every type of fishing experience. Before you begin, make sure you obtain the correct recreational fishing licenses and check for any seasonal restrictions. Here are some of the best places to catch some fishing action during your Tasmanian holiday.

Equipment Hire

Whilst you will have plenty of success with shore and jetty fishing, serious anglers should consider hiring a 4WD for their holiday. Alternatively there is always the option of bringing your gear aboard “Spirit of Tasmania”. This will allow you to reach more remote spots and definitely give you an advantage when aiming to catch prized specimens. If you are new to trout fishing, there are many guides to help you learn the special techniques needed for success. For deep ocean and big game fishing, it is best to join a professional charter. The friendly hosts at your accommodation will certainly help you with advice about the best local angling spots and equipment hire.

Trout Guides

Red Tag Trout guides

Relaxing Rivers

Apart from the much-coveted trout, Tasmania’s rivers are well known for flathead, salmon, flounder, barracouta, pike, whiting, bream, cod, mackerel, trevally and mullet. The Derwent River runs more than 200 kilometres from Lake St. Clair in the central highlands, through Hobart and out to the Tasman Sea. This river and its tributaries offer abundant fishing opportunities.  In the Hobart area, Sandy Bay provides excellent shore fishing. For a premier fishing experience, the Tyenna River, a tributary of the Derwent has the highest fish population in Tasmania with many of the prime spots only accessible by boat. The best bream fishing in Australia is to be found along Tasmania’s east coast rivers. Apart from the Derwent, you can explore the Little Swanport, Swan, Scamander, Ansons, and Musselroe Rivers.

Great Lakes

Trout fisheries usually operate between August and June. Lure, bait and fly fishing can be used successfully. Arthurs Lake, which is easily accessible from Launceston, Hobart and Devonport, offers the best brown trout fishing in Tasmania. Four Springs Lake, a mere twenty minutes from Launceston, provides ample opportunities to catch brown and rainbow trout. Near Queenstown, Lake Burbury has plenty of brown and rainbow trout that weigh over a kilogram.

Trout Tasmania

Twin Lakes Tasmania

Big Game

Those who enjoy the thrill of ocean fishing will appreciate the challenges provided by Tasmania’s coastal waters. The continental shelf is close to shore meaning that water depths over 100 metres can be found near the inshore. Trolling around the cliffs near Pirates Bay, Tasman Peninsula and Pedra Branca will usually produce some impressive game fish with this area holding eight world records for southern bluefin tuna. Be forewarned that the best specimens are usually found in choppy seas. The township of St. Helens also provides a world class game fishing area with yellowfin and bluefin peaking in size during March and April. The estuaries and lakes around St. Helens also make this an ideal year-round fishing spot.

Hobart waterfront fishing

Fishing boats Hobart

Plan Ahead

Whatever the season, you will find angling opportunities in Tasmania’s rivers, lakes and coastal areas. Plan ahead and allow a few extra days for fishing. You’ll definitely have plenty of tales and a photograph or two to show when you return home.

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