Providore Wineglass

Providore Wineglass

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Providore Wineglass at Freycinet Lodge

If you are visiting the award-winning Freycinet National Park on Tasmania’s beautiful East Coast, there is a little hidden (and very tasty) secret within the park…

Providore Wineglass is located at Freycinet Lodge, with magnificent views across Great Oyster Bay and is open 7 days a week to all visitors to the area.  ‘The Providore’ is a showcase of some of Tasmania’s finest produce, with a focus on products from Eastern Tasmania.

What do I find there? 

At Providore Wineglass, you’ll find a range of delicious Tasmanian chutneys, relishes mustards and jams as well as chocolates for those who like something sweet.  There’s an array of Tasmanian wine, with a strong representation from vineyards of the East Coast, including Milton, Springvale, Devil’s Corner, Freycinet Vineyard and more.  The drinks don’t stop there, however.  You’ll also find Tassie’s favourite Elderflower bubbly if you’re looking for something a little different.

If you’re planning on doing some walking and are looking for munchies for the trails, don’t go past the range of cookies, nuts, trail mixes, cheeses and biscuits.

Providore Wineglass

Providore Wineglass

But I’m hungry! Can I taste?

Of course you can taste!  There are daily tastings and these rotate, depending on Providore Wineglass’ feature products at the time.  Tastings are self-guided.

Why would I go there?

Freycinet National Park is the most popular national park in Tasmania.  The jewel in the crown is Wineglass Bay, which is accessible either by boat with Wineglass Bay Cruises or by foot. If you’re setting out on either the Wineglass Bay walk or the Hazards Beach Loop, it’s worth taking drinks and snacks.  Providore Wineglass is the place to stock up before you leave. After walking to Wineglass Bay, it’s a shame to simply jump in the car and leave the park.  You’ll have plenty of photos of your adventures so why not call in to Freycinet Lodge, enjoy the free public WiFi, take in the view, taste some quality Tasmanian produce in Providore Wineglass and if you fancy it stop for a coffee or lunch.

Cruise with Wineglass Bay Cruises at Freycinet

Wineglass Bay Cruises, Freycinet

Can I find gifts for home?

Yes, you will find gifts here. Providore Wineglass has plenty of edible or drinkable delights and there are also books, specialty timber woodwork items and other gifts.

Does Providore Wineglass offer group tastings?

Yes, group tastings are available.  In fact, Providore Wineglass has been designed to ensure large groups can be hosted.  It’s worth making a booking for this, or at least calling Freycinet Lodge in advance.


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