Fish’n Chips Bruce’s Place

Fish’n Chips Bruce’s Place

Where’s the best place for fish and chips? An oft asked question and as long as you don’t want “fancy” then here’s a local tip. Should you be on your way to or from the beautiful Tasman Peninsula or just want a drive from Hobart with a casual lunch.

One hour from Hobart is the township of Dunalley and quite apart from the unfortunate  prominence it gained during the bush fires of January 2013 it features the Dunalley Fish Market located the Hobart side of the canal bridge and we have dubbed this “Bruce’s Place.”

Now don’t look for an outlet rivalling Doyle’s, the Rocks or Brunswick St Melbourne, this is a place of local heritage and old time value and most of all fish and chips. These can be enjoyed in a rustic setting overlooking the canal and an occasional yacht or fishing boat heading to or from Frederick Henry Bay and the ocean.

What fish you get is up to Bruce, he sells “fish and chips” and it’s what he has fresh, the choice is entirely his and there are no alternatives! Bruce is a laconic soul but well worth engaging for his local knowledge and general views of our more modern existence. If you really want to get his attention take some old copies of the “Australian” newspaper or even better the London Times as today’s smaller papers don’t work well as wrapping for his portions.

Yep, real fish and chips cooked to order and then in newspaper like it used to be but I hasten to add that the product is rolled in snowy white paper first.  Then its use your fingers style which seems to fit the experience. We live locally and are frequent visitors to Bruce for both his amazingly constant and fresh product and his views and we enjoy this little bit of yesterday which we all wish was not disappearing quite so fast.

Don’t miss Bruce in Dunalley!

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