Hollybank Treetop Adventures

There are many great opportunities to enjoy Tasmania’s wilderness, but there is nothing quite like the sensation of rushing through the treetops at speed with nothing but a harness and a cable keeping you in the air.

Sounds terrifying? Well don’t fear, the Hollybank Treetops Adventure based just 15 minutes outside Launceston, is an experience that will stay with you for many years to come (and isn’t that scary!).

The tour is approximately three hours long and takes you on a journey through the treetops of some of Tasmania’s most picturesque forests and waterways via a series of ‘cloud stations’ (elevated platforms around trees some 30 metres in the air).

The method of getting from cloud station to cloud station is zipline, a suspended high wire cable system that allows you to soar through the air over distances as little as 15 metres and as long as 400 metres!!

Before you begin your tour, a detailed safety briefing takes pace at the visitor centre and then once you are safely in your harness, you get to do a practice leap from a platform about a metre off the ground. While this is serious business, this is where the shared laughs start within the group and the experience suddenly becomes a lot more group orientated (which makes it so much more enjoyable).

Safety is paramount on the tour and wearing of the designated safety equipment mandatory. All equipment is adjusted to suit the individual to avoid discomfort along the way.

Each tour contains no more than 14 participants plus two experienced guides (who also take amazing photos of you elevated high above the tree tops as proof of your exhilarating adventure). Fears are faced as you take the leap from the initial launch point to the first cloud station and from here the excitement builds. In fact, each leap gets easier and more relaxed as you settle into the experience.

The cloud stations are purpose built steel platforms that are anchored to specifically selected large Eucalyptus trees via a system that does not cause any damage to the host tree. This means less disruption to the forest and the surrounding landscape and an increased ‘real’ wilderness experience for the visitor.

Tours run on the hour, but it is worth booking in advance to be sure you don’t miss out. There are day tours and night tours, each providing very different experiences through the forest. The tour guides also say that even if it is a cooler day or raining, the Hollybank Treetop Adventure is still a great experience as the forest gets misty and the excitement increases!

The adventure is suitable for all ages and anyone who can sustain moderate physical activity (there are some walking tracks to get to and from the activity). Younger children are able participate by sitting on a parent’s lap (in their own harness). Those with disabilities are asked to call to discuss in advance to ensure whether the activity can accommodate your needs.

If you are looking to conquer your fear of heights, this could be the activity for you. The adventure is amazing and it is high, sometimes the trees move which causes the platform to shift too. But, if you are really concerned and unable to continue, there are methods to safely return you to the visitor centre.

Hollybank Treetop Adventures is a great day out for a couple, a family or those wanting to push the boundaries and experience some great Tasmanian wilderness from the air.

Just a little secret though, don’t forget to listen to the guide about the best way to sit in the harness once you are on the zipline to make it all the way to the next cloud station. Doing the ‘walrus’ (a slightly embarrassing forward/backward motion in your harness) to get you to the next cloud station is a source of amusement and a bit of a spectacle for others in the group!

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