Innkeepers Tasmania and MONA

MONA’s latest major exhibition, Theatre of the World, offers an insight into random collectivism that is at the very heart and soul of the MONA experience.

The new collection is made up of around 400 pieces sourced from the Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery’s archive and from the private collection of MONA’s owner, David Walsh. In addition major institutions such as the National Gallery of Victoria have loaned pieces such as Pablo Picasso’s Weeping Woman (1937).

The exhibition aims to break down the traditional and conservative ways many museum’s present their experience and way viewers interact with it.

Viewers are asked to experience artefacts such as Polynesian and Melanesian barkcloths next to an Egyptian mummy or a Picasso classic. It’s this collision of 4000 years of fine and decorative arts that aims to excite, exhilarate and push boundaries of the traditional museum practice.

The exhibition has been curated by celebrated French visionary curator, Jean-Hubert Martin and in the true style of MONA, no name plates or information on the particular display is offered to the viewer in the 16 defined gallery spaces which heightens the experience of truly ‘seeing’ the exhibition.

While each gallery has no apparent connection, there are themes or threads that keep elements somehow tied together in a strange and surprising way such as Picasso’s Weeping Woman next to a Polynesian shield with stylised crying eyes. This ‘non-traditional by traditional museum standards’ exhibition means a more visually rich experience for the viewer who is exploring the artwork for the first time.

The exhibition runs until the 8th of April 2013 at MONA. For more information on packages, visit our MONA Theatre of the World page.

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