Tasmanian Devil Conservation Park

Tasmanian Devil Conservation Park

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Tasmanian Devil Conservation Park. On your way to Port Arthur

Discover the world’s largest meat eating marsupials, the famous Tasmanian devils, at Tasmanian Devil Conservation Park, Tasmania’s most popular wildlife experience.

You’ll meet lots of devils close up when you walk around our delightful 1 km forest trail.

Our devils are on display at all times during the day and we have special feeding times at 10am, 11am, 1.30pm and 5pm (4.30 in winter).

It is a great opportunity to come face to face with these unique creatures and take some photos too.

Better still your visit will be helping us on a world first project to breed cancer resistant animals as part of the struggle to save the species from a unique new disease.

It is a wonderful story.

The park’s other great highlight is Kings of the Wind, Tasmania’s only free-flight bird show. You’ll marvel at the spectacular high speed dive of a falcon, chuckle at the coin-stealing antics of a cheeky parrot and meet the fastest creature on the planet, the mighty peregrine. It’s entertaining and you’ll have lots of laughs.

You’ll also see some fascinating quolls, close cousins of the devil, eagles, owls and hawks, tawny frogmouths, friendly kangaroos and lots of other native animals.

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